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Students of Change

In our rapidly evolving world, change is the only constant. It’s in our hands to be a part of it and help shape it.



The need to challenge humanity’s ways of doing things has been several years in the making, and now that change has become inevitable. The question is: what will your role be in this change? Will you be a footnote in history or will you play a role in shaping it?

At Qatar Foundation, we have chosen to be architects of change: reimagining what education and learning can be; envisaging an ecosystem where the possibilities to make a difference are endless; and constantly designing and experimenting with avenues where people can unlock their potential to become changemakers.

It doesn’t matter whether you are student pursuing a degree, a researcher in a laboratory, an aspiring innovator, an artist, a community activist, or just a member of society who wants to play their part. Whatever you are, and whatever you do, you can be a student of change and shape our world for the better.

Youth of Change


The young minds of today will be the ones running our world tomorrow. Our educational offerings are built to disrupt traditional ways of learning, and provide customized and innovative learning opportunities that empower the youth to think beyond the obvious.

Innovators of Change


We’re triggering transformative change by curating big ideas and turning them into breakthroughs. This happens through our platforms in research and innovation, such as in artificial intelligence and precision medicine, as well as through our community initiatives focused on environmental sustainability and social engagement.

Partners of Change


When we come together to bring change, our reach and impact can be amplified. The spirit of collaboration is at the core of our organization, and we are always partnering with organizations and institutions from around the world to facilitate the transfer of ideas and jointly realize them.

Get Involved


For anyone passionate about making a change, we’ve got an opportunity.

Whether you want to enroll your kid into a school, get a degree yourself, or become an educator, learn how to join our schools, universities, and education initiatives. If you are a researcher or have an innovative idea that you want to test, become part of our research, development, and innovation (RDI) ecosystem. And if you just want to be part of a community that’s striving to make a positive impact in the world around us, explore our community development programs.

Watch out this space for more opportunities and events to become a student of change.

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