About Qatar Foundation

What started with a simple vision has now become an ever-evolving organization. Discover the values driving Qatar Foundation, dig into our history, and learn more about our leadership.

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Qatar Foundation (QF) is a not-for-profit organization where centers and programs focused on education, research and innovation, and community development intertwine for the benefit of Qatar, and the world.

Across our unique ecosystem – which is supported by partnerships with leading international institutions – we are addressing Qatar’s most pressing challenges; creating local, regional, and global impact; and empowering people to shape both the present and the future.

Unlocking human potential

For over two decades, Qatar Foundation has been driving regional innovation and entrepreneurship, fostering social development and a culture of lifelong learning, and preparing our brightest minds to tackle tomorrow’s biggest challenges.

At the heart of everything we do is the knowledge that our future lies in unlocking the most precious resource of all—human potential.

Our History


Since our organization was established over two decades ago, we’ve strengthened our foundations, while continuing to make new breakthroughs throughout our journey. Explore some of our major milestones in the timeline below.

Our Manifesto


We gathered a generation of big ideas,
Planted the roots of knowledge,
Nurtured the power of a thought.

We prepared for the future, and, in time, found ourselves living it.

In our world,

Big ideas flow,
Knowledge grows, and
Thoughts roam readily.

Delighted by the luminance of innovation,
We spark the kindles of a generation’s finest wonders.

We debate.
We discover.

We create.
We curate.

We think.
We transform.

And we do what we always did best,
We unlock human potential.

Our Values


Our values are the principles and beliefs that guide the way Qatar Foundation operates and represent the essence of our organization. Our values set the standards for our community members, tell the story about our culture and identity, and guide us in our decision-making to enable us to shape the future in an ever-changing environment.

Our Leadership


Two decades ago, His Highness the Father Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani and Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser shared a vision for Qatar's future development, which led to the creation of Qatar Foundation.

Throughout the years, our leadership team has proudly guided and delivered on the promises of that vision, developing Qatar Foundation into what it has become today.

Sidra Tree


The Sidra tree is not only an iconic symbol of Qatar's heritage, but also a beacon of comfort and nourishment in the harsh desert environment.

Take a virtual tour


We’re always delighted to share our story, vision, and achievements with people in Qatar and from all over the world. Click below and take a virtual tour through Education City.