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Life in Qatar

Work, study, or visit—anything you do in Qatar will make you experience a vibrant community working together to drive this country toward new, exciting heights.

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Life in Qatar is a unique fusion of modernity and cultural tradition. While our cities beat with the latest features and infrastructure—all working toward advancing the nation into a modern up-and-coming global hub—you can still find our heritage, traditions, and culture at the heart of everything we do, and in every detail of your surroundings.

What does that fusion look like day-to-day? It means being able to work in a cutting-edge urban facility, while spending the weekend dune bashing in Qatar’s breathtaking deserts and camping under a starry night sky. You don’t even need to go that far to do so; most major destinations are an hour’s drive from Education City.

Something for Everyone


Doha is a city of tomorrow, built for today. Here’s what makes it stand out.

Our Traditions


Have a look at some of our country’s guiding traditions.



Have a look at some of our country’s leading attractions.



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