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Research and Innovation Hubs.

We’re helping position the nation as a global research and innovation nerve center with an ecosystem focused on developing ideas with impact.



Across the fields of IT, energy, environment and healthcare, our Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) division is leading the charge in bringing new technologies into the global marketplace.

By planning, coordinating, and overseeing RDI activity across our organization, the division is able to take a holistic view and identify new challenges and opportunities.

With every initiative, we remain focused on generating economic value, transferring knowledge, and establishing national and international RDI partnerships that align with Qatar’s needs and priorities.

Our ecosystem isn’t about infrastructure. It’s about ideas and enabling them to develop naturally to the point where they become commercialized products.

We don’t force innovation to happen. But we make sure it can.

Hayfa Al-AbdullaInnovation Director at Qatar Science & Technology Park

Our Initiatives


Our research and innovation ecosystem is made up of RDI actors spanning the spectrum of academia, industry, technology entrepreneurship, healthcare, and public policy.

The division is responsible for translating national priorities into specific initiatives and actions for Qatar Foundation’s various RDI entities, ensuring alignment and synergy to deliver maximum national benefit and global impact.

Core Functions


Our Research, Development, and Innovation division carries out its mission through three key functions.

  • Policy, Strategy, and Planning

    We believe that viable strategies, robust planning, and sustainable policy-making are key to our active and competent participation in and contribution to the global research and innovation landscape. The Policy, Strategy, and Planning (PSP) function is responsible for aligning the business plans and strategies of our RDI actors with our corporate and national RDI strategies.
  • Industrial Development, Intellectual Property, and Commercialization

    We recognize ideas that disrupt traditional ways of doing things and have the potential to enhance the nation’s economic prosperity and social well-being. The Industrial Development, Intellectual Property, and Commercialization (IDIPC) function serves to identify projects created with the support of QF, and to transform them into market-ready innovations.
  • Partnerships

    We collaborate with organizations and institutions from around the world to facilitate the transfer of ideas, jointly address areas of interest, as well as multiply the reach and benefits of research and innovation. The Partnerships function plays an integral role in pursuing and developing mutually beneficial collaborations with leading national and international organizations, recognizing them as key contributors of knowledge and expertise toward achieving our mission.

Incubation and Funding Programs


We offer a number of initiatives at Qatar Science & Technology Park that help turn your ideas into impact. We’re always on the lookout for amazing initiatives and ambitious personalities to help take them to the next level.


Arab Innovation Academy: Building a start-up in 10 days

The largest entrepreneurship boot-camp of its kind in the region, the Arab Innovation Academy is a collaboration between the European Innovation Academy and QSTP that helps participants establish a startup in just 10 days.

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Our signature intensive two-month program is designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with training, and mentorship.

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QSTP Incubation Center

The QSTP Incubation Center is a 12-month technology-focused incubation program that aims to foster local tech entrepreneurship in Qatar.

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We partnered with 500 Startups to bring their exclusive, coveted international Series A accelerator program here in Qatar.

It’s a three-month investment program that provides intensive one-on-one training and mentoring, and accepts a limited number of tech startups that have previously raised funding from other investors, but are now preparing to scale up.

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Innovation Coupon

Innovation Coupon is a fund designed to benefit Qatar-based SMEs or startups by helping them solve specific technical or business problems, and connecting them with key stakeholders in the local innovation ecosystem.

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In Numbers

Our research ecosystem has led to some significant progress in various industries.

Residents of Qatar Science & Technology Park
Participants Screened
By Qatar Biobank to work toward personalized medicine
Created since 2016

Genomics may hold the key to understanding why a host of lifestyle factors and behaviors affect individuals differently, leading to earlier diagnoses and more effective treatments.

Personalized medicine and genomics medicine are the new era of medicine. There is a huge investment to work in preventive medicine, rather than just treating the patient after they become sick.

Dr Asmaa Al ThaniChairperson of the Qatar Genome Programme



There’s always something to do when you’re in Education City.

Activate your Ideas


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