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Artificial Intelligence Programs in Qatar

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly embedded in all aspects of human endeavor, we are investing in homegrown AI technologies to meet the needs of our rapidly changing world.



Humanity today exists in an era of rapid technological advancement. Our civilization’s progress lies in our ability to embrace artificial intelligence—the science of making machines do intelligent human tasks—to solve difficult problems.

In Qatar, we’re uniquely positioned to make the most of what AI has to offer. Our population is highly tech-savvy and our state-of-the-art RDI ecosystem and unique multiversity model means lots of fascinating collaborations between world-class universities and research centers.

Our unique position in education, government, and the private sector also fosters an effective research-to-startup pipeline that paves the way for commercial sustainability in AI as well.

If countries miss the AI revolution, it will have an impact on the economy going forward. Every country has an opportunity at this time to lead, and to play an important role in the evolution of AI.

Dr. Sanjay ChawlaResearch Director of Data Analytics at Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI)

This is what we’re aiming for with our work in AI:

  • Economic growth through the emergence of new fields and industries
  • Social progress through efficient governance, effective management of resources, improved discourse, and better understanding
  • Environmental sustainability through the proper understanding of natural systems and impact
  • Protection and promotion of cultural heritage through initiatives such as Arabic-language translation

Research Areas in AI


Our approach to AI, and the projects that we have undertaken in the field, are not only designed to make Qatar Foundation a pioneer in AI but also implement and integrate our research into the social and economic development of our society at large.


Arabic language technologies


AI for social good


Foundations of AI and applications


AI policy and education


Digital health


Cyber security

Our Entities


These are the entities that our leading our work in the field of AI.

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