Empowering communities and cultures in Qatar and beyond.

Our community initiatives are designed to empower a prosperous and engaged local society.

COM001-2 - Hero for Community : General Information



All our work at Qatar Foundation revolves around offering people opportunities. While our other initiatives provide opportunities for excellence in education and research, it’s through our community development initiatives that we provide a platform to fully engage communities on the ground and build programs that develop our nation as a whole.

In Numbers

We’re proud of the diverse and international community we’ve grown and continue to foster here.



In our rapidly advancing world, we recognize the importance of remembering our past to inform our future. We also believe in sharing and preserving our culture, our religion, and our language.

That’s why we have started several initiatives and developed a variety of outreach programs that aim to safeguard and celebrate our heritage.

Arts and Culture


We like people who are curious. That’s why we developed several initiatives that help people express their curiosities in creative ways.

From one of the most multicultural orchestras in the world to a library that isn’t afraid of letting people be themselves, you’ll find our offerings cater to all ages and interests.

Health and Sustainability


As our research centers work to find innovative solutions to our health and sustainability issues, our community development initiatives actively promote the importance of living green, healthy, and active lifestyles.

Social Development


We’re dedicated to helping and empowering every member of our community by providing platforms for development and discovery.