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Environmental Sustainability Initiatives in Qatar

Throughout everything we do, sustainability is a common thread. We’re trying our best to address Qatar’s needs for long-term social and economic growth by making sure we remain environmental sustainable.



We’ve always been big advocates for sustainability efforts in the country and the region. We work hand-in-hand with scientists, researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs in Qatar and all over the world to make breakthroughs and develop new, sustainable solutions to grand challenges.

From closely following best practices in designing our built environment to launching air quality monitoring stations and creating Qatar’s first urban forest—we’re taking our whole community along on a journey toward a safer future.

With less than two years until the kick-off of the carbon-neutral FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar’s sustainability journey constantly feels faster, more challenging, and more exhilarating. But our decisions for sustainability today must be made with the intention that they will carry us not just to 2022, or even to 2030, but to generations ahead.

Meshal Al ShamariDirector, Qatar Green Building Council

Our Work


We’re committed to addressing the needs of the present without compromising those of the future. Our work spans across multiple areas and sectors.


Starting at home

Translating our vision into reality starts from our very own campus. Our students live in the largest collection of LEED-certified student housing facilities in the world. Our community-led initiatives across Education City ensure that our campus is a green space that follows sustainable practices.


Breeding grounds for innovation

We’re big believers in making sure exciting ideas lead to exciting impact. And we don’t just limit ourselves to those ideas that come from the PhDs. Our ecosystem is designed in a way that even enables students to submit research papers at a partner university, and then work with the pros to put their theory into practice at a nearby innovation hub.


Spearheading research efforts

Our researchers work within a unique Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) ecosystem, spanning across academia and industry. The environmental research our community generates doesn’t only address Qatar’s needs, but effectively contributes to the wider global efforts.


Collaborating toward solutions

Our RDI community benefits from the various partnerships we’ve formed over the years with key local, regional, and global stakeholders. These collaborations help us support the progression of our initiatives and open up possibilities for new ones.

Our Entities


Learn about the QF entities that are leading our sustainability efforts.

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Activate Your Ideas


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