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Education City Road Closures

For further information about road closures and diversions in Education City during the FIFA Arab Cup™, click here

Bringing world-class education to Qatar's doorstep.

At Qatar Foundation, everything starts with education. From preschool to postgraduate studies, we offer learning opportunities for students of all ages and abilities.

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We offer primary and secondary education through schools directly operated by Qatar Foundation, while our higher-education programs consist of partnerships with some of the world’s top universities as well as our own homegrown university.

When Education City was first conceived, our vision was to provide world-class education to the people of Qatar.

But over the past 23 years, this project has achieved beyond that goal and the result is a world-class academic hub providing unique opportunities and initiatives.

Collaborations between some of the world’s best institutions are happening right here in Doha.

Omran Al-KuwariCEO of Qatar Foundation International

Our Approach


For over two decades, we’ve been driving regional innovation, fostering social development, and preparing students to tackle tomorrow’s biggest challenges. We recognize that the only guarantee of prosperity for a nation is the ability of its people to develop, adapt, and innovate.

That’s why we have invested heavily in creating an open hub for knowledge in Qatar built upon a unique ecosystem of collaborations. By integrating national schools and international universities in one campus, we’re pushing the boundaries of conventional education models.

Our multidisciplinary approach supports young people from their first day of school all the way through to advanced postgraduate studies, encouraging them to become active citizens striving to live a life of creativity, curiosity, and contemplation.

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In Numbers

Our sprawling campus houses one of the most diverse student bodies, and graduates hundreds of students every year.

Represented in our student body across universities and schools
Total Students
Across our universities and schools
In Education City
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Education City


Education City, our flagship initiative, is a campus of more than 12 square kilometers that hosts branch campuses of some of the world’s leading educational institutes, a homegrown university, and other research, scholastic, and community centers.

Together, these institutes make Education City a unique model of academic and research excellence, pioneering a new approach to multidisciplinary, global education and enabling breakthroughs that benefit Qatar and the rest of the world.

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There’s always something to do when you’re in Education City.

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