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8 June 2021

Qatar Foundation agreements at SPIEF 2021 focus on education, RDI, and cultural cooperation


Image source: Alexander Ryumin, via Reuters

Nine QF entities and initiatives participated at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in Russia

Qatar Foundation took its mission – driven by its commitment to supporting the human, social, and economic development – to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), where 10 agreements were signed between Russian organizations and Qatar Foundation and its entities.

The agreements range from cooperation in the field of education; research, development and innovation (RDI); and culture and anthropology.

Nine of Qatar Foundation’s (QF’s) entities and initiatives – Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU); Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute, a part of HBKU; Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP); the World Innovation Summit for Health; WISE; Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra; Qatar National Library (QNL); QatarDebate; and QF’s Pre-University Education – showcased their efforts in the fields of science and technology, education, healthcare, and cultural and community development.

Image source: Mikhail Tereshchenko, via Reuters

Speaking about the participation of QF at SPIEF 2021, Aysha Al Mudahka, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnership Development at Qatar Foundation, said: “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to add our voice to the global conversations that took place at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, and to amplify Qatar Foundation’s mission – allowing an international audience to engage with what we do, and understand why it matters.”

“The cornerstones of Qatar Foundation’s work and mission – providing quality, progressive education; driving innovation; empowering youth through opportunity; promoting sustainability; and fostering dialogue – are not only vital for a stronger Qatar, but a stronger world. And this key global forum provided an opportunity for us to showcase, through our entities and initiatives, how QF is contributing to portraying Qatar to the world as a driver of positive change.”

At the forum, which took place from June 2-6 in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, QF’s homegrown university HBKU strengthened its global positioning through contributions to the strategic knowledge exchanges at SPEIF 2021. HBKU’s senior leadership and graduate students showcased the university’s research achievements, multidisciplinary programs, and potential exchange opportunities at its booth in the Qatar Pavilion, and were among key speakers on several panels and sessions.

QSTP – QF’s hub of technology innovation and entrepreneurship – showcased its efforts on the global technology stage; while WISH, which is QF’s global health initiative, highlighted QF’s dedication to promoting health and wellbeing and advancing healthcare innovation, reflecting the forward-thinking nature of Qatar’s healthcare system.

Image source: Peter Kovalev, via Reuters

Promoting cross-cultural understanding, dialogue, tolerance and sharing of perspectives was the focus of QNL, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, and QatarDebate. And QF’s global education think tank WISE, along with QF’s Pre-University Education, engaged students and tomorrow’s educators and education thought-leaders with programs and platforms that enabled them to lend their voice to the vital conversation about the future of global education. 

Contributing to conversations in the international arena reflects how the vision, the reach, and the impact of QF has expanded in the 25 years since its establishment, as it generates both local, regional, and international benefit through its belief in the power of education, innovation, and social development.

QF, alongside other prominent Qatari organizations, participated at SPIEF 2021 as Russia welcomed Qatar as the guest country at the forum. The Qatari delegation to SPIEF 2021 was one of the largest business delegations to be formed for an international forum of this prominence and scale. 

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