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10 February 2020

Lunchtime Lunges and Workplace Walkabouts


Dogpound talk at Qatar Foundation provides tips on how to stay active in office

With Qatar National Sport Day fast approaching, entities are set to celebrate the day by offering a range of fun and engaging activities for employees that are designed to promote the importance of active and healthy living.

But with the average person working approximately eight hours a day – and often based at a desk – a more practical approach for longer-lasting results would be to make small changes throughout the day within the workplace.

Team from Dogpound deliver talk on how to stay active in the workplace.

Dogpound trainer Rhys Athayde spoke about staying active within the workplace during a one-off workshop at Qatar Foundation on Sunday, February 9. Joined by the team from Dogpound, a top US gym led by Kirk Myers, the trainers spoke about adopting a holistic approach – from nutrition and breathing, through exercise and stretching, to hydration.

“It’s an overall state of mind and state of fitness,” Rhys explained.

Find little ways to get exercise in, like walking.

Rhys Athayde, trainer, Dogpound

“Stay active before and after work; so instead of just a 9-5 window, it starts as soon as you wake up - from eating a healthy breakfast to making sure you’re living healthy lifestyle habits.

“Find little ways to get exercise in, like walking. Starting your day strong and making sure you’re in the right mindset is key to staying active in the workplace.”

The trainers highlighted a range of useful tricks to adopt within the workplace, including finding a friend or co-worker to keep you accountable, using an electronic watch, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, bringing in lightweight tools to keep in your office – including resistance bands, foam rollers, and lacrosse balls.

He listed other easy ways to getting more steps in.

“When you’re sending your documents to the printer, send them to the furthest printer in the room,” he said. “And at least once per hour, stand up, go for a walk – you can even just take a lap around the office.”

“You could even have a standing meeting or a walking meeting.”

Don’t overthink things, just try to stay active.

Rhys Athayde, trainer, Dogpound

Other tips included variations of planks, pushups, chair dips, squats, and lunges – from lateral, to curtsy, to reverse – that can be done easily within an office space.

“The key here is movement,” Rhys said.

“We aren’t trying to get a full body workout program in while you’re at your desk job. You’re simply trying to keep your body and your mind active. That way you’re always prioritizing your health and wellness; you’re keeping it going throughout the entire day, as opposed to just one hour work out.

“Don’t overthink things, just try to stay active.”

Qatar Foundation’s National Sport Day activities taking place on Tuesday, February 11, kick off at 8am and will be held across Education City, including the Ceremonial Court, the Green Spine, Oxygen Park, and Multaqa (Education City Student Center).

Qatar Foundation welcome Dogpound to Education City.

Some of this year’s activities include full body workouts with Dogpound, conditioning sessions with Un1t, and yoga classes with Lululemon.

For more information, or to register for any of the events, please visit:

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