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16 November 2019

Life in Qatar portrayed on screen


Doha Film Institute takes part in Doha Learning Days festival

Visitors to Doha Learning Days – the first experiential learning festival to be held in Qatar – have had the opportunity to watch a screening of two productions by Doha Film Institute that encapsulate life in Qatar.

Shown during WISE’s six-day festival at Education City, the first 40-minute film, Dari Qatar, presented a portrait of the nation’s everyday life, through footage of the experiences of people from different nationalities, backgrounds, and walks of life that reflect the multinational and multicultural nature of Qatar’s community.

The second film, spanning 50 minutes and called Made in Qatar, is a collection of short pieces that celebrate the thriving state of filmmaking. Both films aligned with the themes and goals of Doha Learning Days, which aims to provide experiential learning experiences for all members of the community.

The screenings were attended by people from different nationalities and age groups, including Jamal, who has been living in Doha for five years and said: “The films capture what life in Qatar is really like, not just for Qataris, but for everyone who decides to live here in Qatar, and it really paints the picture of how tight-knit this community is.”

Fellow visitor Sebastian, who has been living in Qatar for almost 12 years, said: “I feel it was very important to demonstrate a side of Qatar that a lot of people do not normally see.

“Many people come to Qatar predominantly to work, and this tends to be their mindset, but there is so much more to explore, and these movies during the Doha Learning Days festival showcased other positive aspects of life in Qatar.”

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Doha Learning Days is organized by WISE – an initiative of Qatar Foundation – and concludes on November 19. It is taking place at Education City’s Ceremonial Court and Green Spine, and over its six days the festival will be hosting educational and experiential workshops that are free of charge and open to everyone.

For more information on the full Doha Learning Days program, or to register for specific sessions, please visit:

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