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Park and Plant

A community-led initiative aiming to rejuvenate local landscapes through planting trees and creating green spaces, contributing to healthier and livelier environments for all of us.

Our Story


The Park and Plant initiative began with a simple quest to plant trees and provide more shade around Education City pathways. Rather quickly, we realized that our project could go far beyond.

We thought: if planting trees is so self-rewarding and beneficial to the environment, why don’t we provide more opportunities for our community to be involved. Initially, students and other members from all around Education City came forward expressing their interest. Soon, we had volunteers and organizations from all around the country ready to extend their support.

  • Restore indigenous landscapes

    Instead of planting trees only to make our campus green and pleasant, we are growing trees that will restore Qatar’s indigenous landscape. The initiative will consolidate more than 60 trees and shrubs historically known to be local and adapted to Qatar’s climate.
  • Create conditions for vivid fauna

    We are promoting vivid biodiversity and a vibrant natural ecosystem by turning Education City into a richer landscape. Trees with flowers and fruits will attract diverse insect populations, encouraging more pollination, and therefore attracting birds and domestic animals.
  • Improve air quality

    By densifying greenery in areas with pedestrian movement and erecting green barriers to mitigate dust contamination, the initiative is enhancing air quality on campus. We have also partnered with Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI) to install air monitoring stations to measure the long-term impact of the initiative on the atmosphere.

As our network expanded, we knew our efforts could have a national impact, adding to Qatar’s greenery and enabling more sustainable and natural living.

Our Programs


We believe local communities can be on the frontlines of tackling such enormous global challenges as deforestation and climate change. That’s why we work with numerous stakeholders, ranging from individual volunteers, to schools and universities, and corporate organizations, to design a set of engaging and inclusive programs.


Adopt a Tree

Join our planting campaign and become a change maker. Each event is uniquely designed for the selected location, and we provide logistics, protective equipment, and guidance. Follow the registration process below to become a proud planter of a tree in Education City.


Green Lungs

It takes 5,000 trees a year to offset the emissions of only 800 cars. To score a higher and faster impact, we have designed our initiative so that any public or private institution can easily support us—parcels of different scales can be funded for plantation depending on the donor’s appetite for green transformation. Our initiative is entirely CSR-driven and we welcome all sectors to join us in planting what will soon become the green lungs of Doha.


Communal Gardens

To make planting not only an activity but something our future generations are actively learning and practicing, we partnered with Qatar Academy to create communal gardens in the school’s courtyards. Designed in collaboration with Hamad Bin Khalifa University, these spaces include green walls and planting beds that let students practice gardening year-round. These gardens are tied to the school curriculum and educate students about environmental sustainability.

Get Involved


Sign-up here to be informed about our future events and let us know if you’d like to volunteer in the upcoming Park and Plant events.

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