Joe Khalil

Dr. Joe F. Khalil

Assistant Professor in Residence at Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q)

Academia | Arab Youth Media | Alternative Media | Global Media Industries
AffiliationNorthwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q)
LanguagesEnglish, French, Arabic

Dr. Joe F. Khalil is an assistant professor in residence at Northwestern University in Qatar. Dr. Khalil’s scholarly interests revolve specifically around Arab youth media, alternative media (social media, social movements media, history of activist media), and global media industries.

An expert on Arab television production and programming, Dr. Khalil has more than fifteen years of professional experience as director, executive producer, and consultant with major Arab satellite channels (Orbit, MBC, MTV, CNBC Arabiya) and has conducted workshops on behalf of USAID, IREX, USIP, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Khalil has extensive academic and professional experience in television entertainment and news development and production. He has engaged in professional work and research in more than ten countries, including the U.S., Italy, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates.

As a consultant, Dr. Khalil has conducted or supervised corporate research related to production and programming. He has authored a policy monograph on Arab satellite entertainment television and public diplomacy and is also a co-author of Arab Television Industries (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009, with Marwan Kraidy).

Dr. Khalil is currently working on a book project, based on his dissertation, Youth-Generated Media in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, which examines young people’s alternative media use across the Arab world.