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Report: New Schools of Thought

Innovative models for delivering higher education

About the report


Higher-education institutions are under pressure. Now, more than ever, they must adapt to social, political, economic and technological challenges. In ‘New Schools of Thought: Innovative models for delivering higher education’ – a new report sponsored by Qatar Foundation - The Economist Intelligence Unit examines how five innovative higher education models are addressing the challenges facing academic institutions in today’s changing world.

The report looks at how technology continues to disrupt the higher-education landscape, enabling institutions to serve a greater number of diverse students, increase tuition revenues, and reduce operating costs. However, it also notes that not all institutions are able to benefit from radical technological change – and those that promote a bespoke residential or experiential learning experience must find a way to reimagine their value proposition in an online environment.

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‘New Schools of Thought: Innovative models for delivering higher education’ contains findings and perspectives that can help to inform education leaders, policymakers, and models throughout the world.

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The launch of ‘New Schools of Thought: Innovative models for higher education’ featured a webinar that saw education thought-leaders from around the world outline their views and insights on the challenges facing education systems, and what the future of learning should look like.

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