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Qatar Foundation Gifted Enrichment Programs

Special programs designed to identify and support the needs of bright, young students, in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.

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Gifted children are those who perform, or have the capability to perform, at higher levels compared to other children of the same age, experience, and environment. At Qatar Foundation, we ensure these talented children are provided ample opportunities to unlock their full potential.

Gifted Talent Search


To qualify for any of the QF Gifted Enrichment Programs, you need to join the Gifted Talent Search. Through this specialized gifted ability testing, we help you discover your child’s strengths and whether our advanced academic enrichment courses are right for your child.

Summer Program 2021


In collaboration with the global leader in gifted education, Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY), Qatar Foundation provided CTY’s Live Interactive Virtual Explorations (L.I.V.E) summer courses from June to July 2021.