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Dr. Sharifa Noaman Al Emadi

Women empowerment and youth empowerment from a policy implementation perspective

Dr Sharifa Al-Emadi has more than twenty years of experience in the sociology and psychology field. She started her career as a teacher and a researcher in the 1990s, followed by a consultant role for almost ten years. Then, she managed social rehabilitation centres from 2010 until 2017. During January 2017, she became the Executive Director of Community and International Relation department in Naufar Wellness Centre. Currently, Dr Sharifa is the Executive Director of Doha International Family Institute, a member of Qatar Foundation Organization. As of today, she is a certified clinical psychologist and practicing her psychologist license to treat behavioural disorders, specifically drug addictions. Dr Sharifa was a board member of the Behavioural Healthcare Center. She is also a board member of Humanistic and Social Science department at Qatar University.