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Economist Impact: Personalized Learning After the Pandemic

Read the findings of a landmark report from Economist Impact (formerly Economist Intelligence Unit), commissioned by Qatar Foundation. Hear what thought leaders in education and ed-tech have to say about what’s next for technology for learning in the classroom and beyond.

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Lockdowns forced by COVID-19 accelerated a global experiment in technology-based learning and exposed many of its flaws as well as potential benefits. But can technology be better designed to support personalized learning? How will the role of teachers change? Will all students benefit from increased use of technology to drive personalized education? And how will we measure the results?

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This report, commissioned by Qatar Foundation and produced by Economist Impact, focuses on the future of personalized learning, supporting QF’s Pre-University Education (PUE) by surveying international expert opinions on required reforms to pedagogy and technology to move closer to personalized education for every pupil.

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Launch Event


The report was launched during the WISE Summit on 8 December 2021. The launch event featured an introductory keynote speech followed by a panel discussion with leading figures, including those from Economist Impact and Qatar Foundation.