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17 November 2019

Young people inspired to be digital creators at Doha Learning Days


GoCode Academy Qatar’s workshop at the six-day experiential learning festival explored coding and robotics

A top UK-founded coding academy has given children and young people in Qatar insight into the computer programming language during WISE’s Doha Learning Days, Qatar’s first experiential learning festival.

GoCode Academy Qatar’s workshop, which took place at the Ceremonial Court at Education City, introduced budding computer programmers between the ages of six and 16 to the basics of coding, and enhanced their awareness about its importance to the world’s future.

Including hands-on exercises, it chimed with the aim of Doha Learning Days to provide experiential learning experiences for all members of the community.

“We offer programs, courses and workshops specifically for children because, even at this early stage of their lives, they are highly exposed to different types of technologies, and they have an increasing tendency to use electronic devices,” said Afnan Jaghlili of GoCode Academy Qatar.

“It is important for them to explore more about this topic because. in the near future, there will be many more technologies ahead of them, and they have to be familiar with them.

“Through this workshop, we offered Paython, which is a programming language activity for kids, in addition to STEM-based and line-following robotic activities, where young people learn how to program a robot to follow a certain line. These codes are used for computers, which, in turn, can make machines work as well”.

Speaking about his coding experience, 11-year-old Sharif Omran said: “We learned about how to program a robot – in the future, robots will be everywhere, and we need to know how to program a robot to avoid facing problems.”

Doha Learnings Days is organized by WISE – an initiative of Qatar Foundation – and concludes on November 19. It is taking place at Education City’s Ceremonial Court and Green Spine, and, over its six days, the festival will be hosting educational and experiential workshops that are free of charge and open to everyone.

For the full Doha Learning Days program, or to register for specific sessions, please visit:

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