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22 October 2019

Top dietitian hits out at ‘food fads’ during QF visit


Maye Musk claims people are “tricked” into paying over the odds for products – and shouldn’t feel bad about eating fast food

Dietitian and nutrition expert Maye Musk – the mother of tech entrepreneur Elon Musk – has criticized “trendy food fads” and says she does not blame people for eating fast food, during a visit to Qatar Foundation.

Musk, who has run her own nutrition business for over 45 years and is also a model, entrepreneur, and author, says people should not feel they have to shop at health food stores to have the right diet, but are “tricked” into paying more than they should for certain products.

“Food fads are designed to rip people off,” she said while visiting Education City. “If you want a detox, get some fruit, mash it up, and eat it whole. That might cost a dollar or so.

“I have seen friends who are supposed to be gluten intolerant eating barley soup, and when I tell them barley has gluten in it, they say they aren’t intolerant to that kind of gluten. How that works is beyond me. If you are really gluten intolerant, you are intolerant to all kinds of gluten.

“And how can almond milk be healthier than whole cow’s milk? We get tricked into convincing ourselves we are lactose intolerant. If you are, how did your ancestors live for centuries on a diet that had dairy in it?”

Musk – who is an ambassador for two non-profit organizations focused on encouraging the growing of food in schools, and promoting female empowerment – believes the notion that healthy eating is only possible through shopping at “upscale” health food stores is a “myth”, saying: “You can eat healthy by shopping at any supermarket. A vegetable is a vegetable whether it costs 50 cents or $5.

“I also don’t blame people for having fast food. If it’s convenient and is all they can fit into their schedule, it is fine, but a long-term diet of fast food is not healthy.”

During her time at Education City, Musk toured the 2015 building (QF Headquarters), Qatar National Library, and the Al Shaqab equine and equestrian center.

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