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21 October 2019

Stars of Science inspires young people to chase dreams


By participating in QF’s innovation TV show and QSTP’s Arab Innovation Academy, Dr. Ahmad Nabeel says he has been empowered to make a difference to the world

Stars of Science aims to create the next generation of Arab innovators, and Dr. Ahmad Nabeel – who took home second place in series 9 of the popular Qatar Foundation TV program – firmly believes that the contestants are powerful role models, inspiring young minds to think creatively, push boundaries, and become problem solvers.

“When I was a student, I watched Sadeq Qassim win first place on the second season of Stars of Science, and my eyes filled with tears of joy – I didn’t even know him. Seven years later, I appeared on the same show with my very own invention,” Dr. Nabeel says.

A passion for innovation is lifelong – it does not fade with time, especially when cultivated at a young age.

Dr. Ahmad Nabeel

“Stars of Science plays an important role in fostering innovative thinking in young minds, and its contestants are role models. A passion for innovation is lifelong – it does not fade with time, especially when cultivated at a young age.

“Ultimately, the show is a platform that aims to encourage youth to become innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of technology and science – it helps them believe in their abilities, which is the starting point in their journeys.”

Since appearing on the show in 2017, Dr. Nabeel has continued developing his invention from the show. A tool designed to clean the lens of a laparoscope, ‘KLENS’ aims to enhance performance and improve patient safety during surgeries. Following feedback from the judges from the show, Dr. Nabeel and his team are currently working on the third prototype, which he hopes to finalize soon.

In 2018, Dr. Nabeel took part in the Arab Innovation Academy (AIA) – Qatar Science & Technology Park’s two-week bootcamp that teaches participants how to develop and launch a tech startup in a real marketplace. Dr. Nabeel and his team placed second with their project, ‘GoGather’.

Dr. Ahmad Nabeel’s invention is designed to improve patient safety during operations.

“Although AIA was a different type of program – it was based on software and digital innovation which required a lot of different skills – I feel like it complemented my Stars of Science experience. Coming second gave me more confidence in my capabilities and encouraged me to keep pursuing innovations that could make a difference in this world.”

Dr. Nabeel was also invited by Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham to finish his master’s degree in Surgical Innovations at the Imperial College London. Alongside working with the Lord Darzi’s team, Dr. Nabeel is also a doctor, innovator, and researcher at St. Mary’s Hospital in London.

“Having the opportunity to join a prestigious university like the Imperial College London is no small achievement – I never imagined that something like this would happen to me.

“And to be given a special invitation to join from the Lord Darzi – a leading figure in laparoscopy - is one of my most cherished achievements. He provides a lot of support for me, and for many other young innovators who show promise and potential.”

I want to show how it is possible to achieve our dreams, and I want to walk the path myself.

Dr. Ahmad Nabeel

Hoping to continue inspiring others to achieve their goals, Dr. Nabeel says, “I want to make an impact in the world. I want to show how it is possible to achieve our dreams, and I want to walk the path myself, transferring what I have learned during my own experience to empower others and effect even greater change.

“Stars of Science is not just a TV program, it is a platform that has an impact beyond the television screen.”

Season 11 of Stars of Science airs every Friday on Qatar TV, and again on Saturday on eight channels across the region and online. For a full broadcast guide, please visit

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