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7 February 2019

Rem Koolhaas on designing a library for noise


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Rem Koolhaas on how he designed the Qatar National Library

For many, libraries are typically associated with silence and solitude. But in Qatar, such conventions don’t hold up so well. Instead, since its opening in late 2017, the Qatar National Library (QNL) has virtually come to serve as one of the country’s most popular town squares, regularly hosting live performances, lectures, and other events.

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There are also dedicated spaces for children to play, for entrepreneurs to work on their next big idea, for tinkerers to experiment with 3D printing, and lots more. There are even hanging pods for bookworms to kick their feet up and relax with their next read.

The public response to such an open and vibrant library has been overwhelmingly positive, but what led to QNL adopting such an unconventional design approach in the first place?

We spoke to Rem Koolhaas, the architect behind it all, to find out more.


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