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31 January 2021

QF invites community to discover and experience Education City through new app


Digital platform provides a centralized location for all events, classes and activities across QF and showcases Education City as a destination for all

A new way of exploring and experiencing everything that Qatar Foundation has to offer is being opened up to the community – with the launch of the Education City App.

A simple tool for people to discover more about the events, activities, and opportunities available within the home of Qatar Foundation (QF), and register to participate, the free-to-download app showcases how Education City is a hub of community life that provides something for everyone to enjoy.

Education City is a diverse and vibrant environment that is open, inclusive, and welcomes everyone

Machaille Hassan Al-Naimi

It joins a portfolio of new digital platforms created to promote Education City to a wider audience virtually, alongside a dedicated website containing digital recordings that give visitors an immersive insight into QF’s range of events and activities; and the Education City Marketplace, which is supporting businesses in Qatar by providing them with a shop window to sell their unique and creative handcrafted goods.

The Green Spine at QF’s Education City.

“Education City is a diverse and vibrant environment that is open, inclusive, and welcomes everyone,” said Machaille Hassan Al-Naimi, President of Community Development, Qatar Foundation.

“It is more than just a venue; it is a true experience for people of all ages, offering the chance to participate in sports and wellness activities, enjoy public open spaces, and take advantage of the opportunities for creative expression, learning, and social interaction. Our newly-launched Education City App brings all that we offer together in a single location, enabling people to find out about everything that is taking place within Education City and how it aligns with their interests – whether they are looking to attend a lecture series, join a sports and wellness class, or attend one of our Art Trail tours.

Everything that QF offers at Education City is designed to leave a lasting, positive, and empowering mark on people’s lives

Machaille Hassan Al-Naimi

“Everything that QF offers at Education City is designed to leave a lasting, positive, and empowering mark on people’s lives, encouraging them to live healthy and sustainable lives, explore their talents, enhance their knowledge and appreciation of the culture of Qatar and of each other, and build new social connections. Through the Education City App and its accompanying digital platforms, we look forward to welcoming even more people – individuals and families alike – to Education City, and inviting them to discover how our home is a destination for everyone.”

The Education City App – which is fully accessible and MADA-accredited, and was built by a QF alumni-owned organization, AppLab – allows users to easily navigate their way through the array of activities they can experience at QF, from sport and community classes to arts and cultural events and public talks, and provides a guide to the many venues and facilities available for them to use at Education City.

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Education City is a destination for people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests.

Through the English-and-Arabic app, people can register for activities, book facilities, and make payments electronically in a single visit; while it also includes user-friendly features that help people find what they are looking for within Education City, or just to browse and discover more about the range of opportunities for enjoyment that can be found within QF before they happen. As they use the app, they can build a user profile that helps them to tailor and maximize their Education City experience, and link family members to their profile to ensure all bookings are organized and easily accessible.

Meanwhile, the app also benefits organizers of events and classes that are held within Education City, and venue owners, by providing them with a digital space on which they can promote their community-focused activities and facilities. All of its features complement those also available at Education City’s new website,, as QF aims to reinforce and amplify the message about how its ecosystem – which comprises more than 50 entities – can help people to learn, discover, and grow, both in person and now online.

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The activities at Education City encourage healthy, active lifestyles, learning, and social interaction.

And reflecting QF’s longstanding support for small businesses in Qatar, the Education City Marketplace – which can be visited at – provides an opportunity for shoppers to snap up handmade products and gifts with a Qatar flavor, from homeware and decorative items to crafts, fashion, cosmetics, toys, and specialty food. Many products also showcase the talents of QF students and QF alumni have to offer.

The Education City App is now available to download for free from Google Play and the Apple Store.

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