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19 November 2019

Qatar Foundation International promotes healthy living at Doha Learning Days


Workshops focus on ways of improving wellbeing

Two workshops led by Qatar Foundation International have focused on different ways of living a healthy life and improving wellbeing as part of WISE’s Doha Learning Days, the first experiential learning festival in Qatar.
The first workshop addressed Virtual Exchange educational programs, with a particular emphasis on teaching children about gardening and food production, and raising their awareness about healthy food, where it comes from, and how it can be grown.

Stephen Ritz, the founder of Green Bronx Machine – a gardening project that can take place inside the classroom – delivering the workshop to students, and explained: “It aims to inspire healthy living and healthy learning, and allow children around the world to grow food regardless of season, and regardless of place using indoor academic learning gardens, while connecting virtually with children around the world in a unified school program.

“Through the use of scalable indoor gardening technology in the Green Bronx Machine Curriculum, we are able to create a unified program that allow students to grow food with 90 percent less water, and indoors.”

As Qatar Foundation International (QFI) is also focused on training teachers, educators and practitioners on topics centered around the notion of social and emotional learning and life skills, another of its workshop during Doha Learning Days highlighted the concept of Digital Detox, which revolves around the importance of refraining from using digital devices and electronic platforms for a certain period of time.

Dr. Carine Allaf, Senior Programs Advisor from QFI, said: “In this workshop, we talked about how technology and digital devices have invaded our world and become like extra humans in our daily lives, because we are increasingly relying on them”.

“We held this training today for teachers from schools across Qatar to teach them about the importance of building quality relationships with the humans around them, and having real connections in their relationships”.

Running from November 14-19 at Education City’s Ceremonial Court and Green Spine, Doha Learning Days – organized by WISE, a Qatar Foundation initiative – has been hosting educational and experiential workshops that are free of charge and open to everyone. More information is at:

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