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18 December 2020

‘In 2020, a year of challenges, we are proud of our country, our leadership, and our youth’


Qatar National Day celebrations light up the Doha sky in 2018.

Image source: Ibrar Kunri, via Shutterstock

Aysha Al-Ansari, Head of the Heritage Collection at Qatar National Library, speaks about how the Qatari identity has evolved, and what the Qatar of today represents to its people

“We praise you, the Lord of the Throne”. This year, we dedicate another special motto to our beloved country Qatar.

Our homeland, which continues to nourish our pride and dignity through its resilience in the face of adversity. Our homeland, which all along has promoted inclusivity and embraced everyone, in the certainty that it will only strengthen and further preserve our society’s cohesion in the face of local, regional, and global challenges.

Aysha Al-Ansari

The Qatari identity is considered to be one of the fixed pillars in the conscience of Qatari society. Rather than changing over the years, it has evolved, influenced by the vision of the country’s leadership, which has harnessed capabilities and provided the necessary opportunities and methodologies to empower the nation’s youth and build a skilled generation capable of facing the challenges of tomorrow.

There is no doubt that the progress of nations significantly depends on the progress of its youth.

Aysha Al-Ansari

There is no doubt that the progress of nations significantly depends on the progress of its youth. The goals of Qatar’s national vision place a special focus on investing in human development, so it can lead to the transformation into a knowledge-based society. This is the reason why Qatar - thanks to vision of our government - has looked to channel its resources into investing in the Qatari youth.

Through its strategies, initiatives and programs; by providing training and development opportunities in all sectors, and through the existence of an institution such as Qatar Foundation as a beacon of knowledge, Qatar has been able to refine the skills of learning, thinking, creativity, and innovation among its youth. And all of this has contributed to strengthening the concept of social cohesion and respect for the values and heritage of Qatari society.

Qatar’s investment in education and youth has contributed to social cohesion and respect for the country’s values and heritage, says Aysha Al-Ansari.

Investing in and empowering people has also been reflected in how they have formed their identity, and in the way their sense of belonging has been strengthened. Our school curriculums, TV, and radio programs have witnessed huge development, in addition to the work being conducted by cultural institutions that have greatly contributed to enhancing our concept of national identity through reviving our ancient history and heritage. And they have taught new generations about the history of their fathers and grandfathers, which is one of the most important goals of Qatar National Library.

“I see the interest of Qatari society and visitors to the country in these resources which relate to our ancient past, and their interest and participation in our heritage-related programs.”

Aysha Al-Ansari

Through my work in Qatar National Library, which possesses many valuable historical and heritage resources related to Qatar, I see the interest of Qatari society and visitors to the country in these resources which relate to our ancient past, and their interest and participation in our heritage-related programs that have contributed to strengthening our national identity.

And this sense of identity is illustrated by the preparations made by all institutions for Qatar National Day, which is one of our most important and most precious occasions. A day that spreads happiness among citizens and everyone who lives on the land of Qatar, as through our various programs and activities, we work to promote solidarity, loyalty and national unity.

“Qatari society has been distinguished by respecting others and treating everyone without preference, while preserving religious values and adhering to its ancient customs and traditions.”

Aysha Al-Ansari

Meanwhile, the culture of inclusivity that Qatar has always adopted has had a tangible impact and repercussions on the identity of our society. Since ancient times, Qatari society has been distinguished by respecting others and treating everyone without preference, while preserving religious values and adhering to its ancient customs and traditions. This legacy has contributed greatly to enhancing dialogue, communication, and mutual respect, and to building important international relationships and partnerships. In addition, it has been key to shaping a society based on tolerance, openness to others, and recognizing the value of cooperation in facing challenges.

If I were to think of the reasons why I’m proud of my beloved country, it would be very difficult to list them all. All that Qatar is, and all that it provides and offers to everyone who lives in it, makes me grateful and thankful. To witness its development, prosperity, and global achievements brings pride. Being a member of this community brings pride. To contribute to accelerating the development of Qatar, and to give something back to my country for what it has given me, makes me proud, and will do so always and forever. To me, being Qatari is pride in itself.

On our National Day, I wish my beloved Qatar more progress, success, and prosperity, locally and internationally.

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