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18 December 2019

Darb Al Saai visitors discover the beauty of Arabic calligraphy


Education City Mosque’s activity is a mixture of art and Arabic heritage

With Qatar Foundation’s Qatar National Day celebrations focusing on promoting and enhancing national identity through giving people the opportunity to learn and experiment, the Education City Mosque organized an activity that unlocks the secrets of Arabic calligraphy.

The activity in Qatar Foundation’s tent at Darb Al Saai was delivered by calligrapher Emad Aladin Omran from the Education City Mosque, who said: "One of the most important characteristics of Arabic calligraphy is its emotional state, and how it is connected to the Arab heritage and civilizations, and Islamic culture and traditions.

“These are inherited features in Qatari society, as the national Qatari identity is closely tied to the traditional and Islamic identity. This close connection between Arabic calligraphy and the Qatari culture explains why Darb Al Saai visitors from different age groups and nationalities are highly interested in this activity, and how curious they are to learn more about this type of art.

“First, we provide visitors with an introduction about Arabic calligraphy, and then they have the chance to experience writing it on the board using the special tools. We also give them a souvenir of their name written in Arabic calligraphy. Visitors also have the opportunity learn more about the specialized workshops and training sessions for Arabic calligraphy provided by the Education City Mosque”.

Under Qatar Foundation’s Qatar National Day theme Our Unity…Our Pride, different community members have participated in the Education City Mosque activity. Fomi Adifomilaio from Nigeria, who has been living in Qatar for two years, took part with her family and said: “I have just started taking a course to learn the Arabic language, and this activity helps me to discover more about the beauty of this language.”

Her 12-year-old son Rayan added: “I really liked the way we draw the script, and how it looked like at the end”.

Khalil Gharaibeh, from Jordan, who has been living in Qatar for 10 years, also participated in the workshop and said: “We really appreciate Qatar Foundation’s efforts to celebrate Qatar National Day.

“The Arabic language is definitely very special to us because it is the language of the Holy Qur’an, and Arabic calligraphy as an art requires special skills. We are grateful to those who delivered this activity today for giving us such an opportunity.”

In addition to the Arabic calligraphy workshops, the Education City Mosque has also organized other activities such as the Wheel of Knowledge, containing questions and information about the five pillars in Islam, and the Instant Photo Booth, where visitors can take a picture with Minaretein (the Education City Mosque building) as the theme and background.

QF’s Darb Al Saai activities will continue until Friday, December 20, with the tent being open to the public on Thursday, December 19, from 9am-1pm, and from 3.30-10pm; and on Friday, December 20, from 2-11pm.

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