A Conversation with Léon Krier, Architect and Urbanist - QF - V5

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Consultant, Architecture, Urbanism, Design

Léon Krier is an architect, architectural theorist, and urban planner. He is considered the “godfather” of New Urbanism and New Traditional Architecture. He is committed to an urbanism which permits mixed use and the flourishing of urban communities, his ideal built environment being human-scale traditional urban quarters based on walkable distances and building heights, allowing residents to carry out basic daily and weekly activities on foot. As masterplanner of the Prince of Wales’ model town Poundbury since 1988, he has been able to realize a full-scale and working model of his theories.

Krier is recognized today as one of the world’s outstanding architects and urbanists. He received the inaugural Richard Driehaus Prize for Classical Architecture in 2003. He is a prominent critic of territorial single-use zoning and architectural modernism. He campaigns for the reconstruction of the traditional European city model, using natural building materials and craft-based building technology.

Krier acts as architectural consultant on urban planning projects and designs buildings of his personal choice. Currently, he is involved in the planning of new urban communities in the UK, US, and Mexico.