Ghoroor Abdulwaheed

Ghoroor Abdulwaheed null

Wellbeing Specialist, Qatar Foundation

Ghoroor Abdulwaheed is a wellbeing specialist who graduated from Cornell University in New York City in 2016 with a background in Nutrition sciences and earned her Master of Arts in Women, Society & Development from Hamad Bin Khalifa University in 2020.

She launched a platform called NutritionByGhuroor to share health and nutrition knowledge with the community, and provides regular school workshops to inspire the younger generation to be more healthy and active. She has also held public seminars and private consultations to empower women about their health and body image.

In addition to being a certified nutritionist, Ghoroor is passionate about humanitarianism. She worked as an intern at the UNESCO’s office in Doha, and participated in the Ensaniyat project, which promotes social inclusion and aims to eliminate discrimination towards migrant workers. She was chosen as a Peace Ambassador at the United Nations Peace Summit Conference of Emerging Leaders in 2018.