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QF Convocation

An annual ceremony celebrating graduates from all universities in Education City.



QF Convocation marks the culmination, commemoration, and celebration of the academic and personal journeys of our students. It’s a special opportunity for all of our graduates to come together, celebrate each other’s accomplishments, reflect on their experiences, and envision the next chapter of their story. This year’s virtual event is dedicated to the Class of 2020 and 2021.

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Over the past few years, our graduates embarked on a special journey to bring positive, meaningful change to the world around them. QF Convocation marks an important milestone in that journey – one that demonstrates the hard work, dedication, and passion our graduates have shown toward acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge needed to build a better future.

QF Convocation this year reflects the unshakeable resilience, hope, and vibrancy of our graduating classes. We’re hosting an immersive and dynamic virtual gathering on 27 May 2021, sharing vivid personal stories and heartfelt messages from our students, their parents, and the broader community. Join us!

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Share your graduation related memories, experiences, and reflections on social media using #QFConvocation. We have no doubt that your time as students was quite special and we want to hear all about it!



Watch out for a link to download your own Convocation Yearbook. It includes messages from all of our university deans, class photos, names of your fellow classmates, and several activities to capture your experiences as a student and imagine the future you want to build for yourself.

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Keynote Speaker

Yasmin Mogahed
Yasmin Mogahed is a renowned writer and a lecturer at AlMaghrib Institute and Al-Buruj Press. She recently launched her own internet-based TV channel named: Yasmin Mogahed TV. She has been hosted by Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and other world-class universities. Yasmin is a specialist in Islamic studies and known for her work with the youth, focusing on topics related to psychology and spirituality. She is currently working on a new book to be published next year.



Read more about our graduates and their experiences.

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