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Your Guide to the Education City Car-Free Day

The Car-Free Day reflects our commitment to raising awareness of sustainability and encouraging green lifestyles to help reduce carbon emissions.

EC Tram

How to Be Car-Free


Please read our Info Pack to find out the latest information on how to get around during our upcoming Car-Free Day on Thursday, 9 November 2023.

Our Pledge


Education City has always aspired to minimize its carbon footprint through investing in building technologies, alternative transportation, awareness campaigns, and education. One of our fundamental aspirations has been to provide a safe and convivial campus where vehicular traffic is reduced to the strict minimum which offers both green and healthy benefits.

We invite the QF community to enjoy a completely car-free zone and be part of the journey toward sustainable change.

Education City Tram


Qatar Foundation has launched the Education City Tram – a pioneering transport system that brings a new form of sustainable travel to Qatar and elevates the nation’s profile as a nerve center of innovation. The tram has free wi-fi and has been designed to provide a comfortable commute for all passengers.

To learn more about the tram and the different routes, please visit:

Contacts and Special Pass


In case of emergency, please call 44542525.