Ability Friendly Program

The Ability Friendly Program (AFP) is a pre-university department within Qatar Foundation (QF), launched in 2018. The program offers sport-specific activities for children and adults with special needs and disabilities.

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Our Purpose


We're dedicated to creating Ability Friendly programs, offering inclusive opportunities for the special needs community to unlock their potential. Our internationally recognized initiative provides tailored sports and developmental activities like specialized camps, football, and swimming classes.

To register or learn more about our program, email us at: abilityfriendly@qf.org.qa or call us on these numbers:

Office: +97444541398 | Mobile: +97430689576

Our Programs


Qader Award


The Qader Award is designed to help community members participate in the program regardless of financial ability. If granted this award, applicants will be able to enroll in swimming or football accessible sports programs for an entire academic year at no cost. This program is held annually, and online applications will be available in March.

Volunteering and Education


The Ability Friendly Program engages QF volunteers in its events and activities. Volunteers aged 11 and above from Education City schools and universities, Qatar Foundation staff, and community members are welcome to apply.

The program also offers education provision via disability awareness workshops and inclusion modules. The workshops are designed to raise general awareness of how to support participants to access sports, while the modules are designed to develop coaches' knowledge, skills, and experience in coaching ability-specific classes.



From comprehensive program development to advanced initiatives and facility audits, we offer a wide range of consultancy services for fostering inclusivity and accessibility.