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Siraj is Qatar Foundation’s 3D edutainment TV series that helps children learn the Arabic language in a fun and engaging way.



Ever wished there was an easy, fun way for your children to learn the basics of the Arabic language without forcing them to boredom? We did too and that’s why we developed Siraj, an animated show that teaches classical Arabic language to children between the ages of two and eight.

Siraj, a tale of two siblings adventures through a magical realm, instills children with the love of the Arabic language from an early age, ensuring they remain connected to the wonderful culture and heritage of this beautiful language.

As a mother, I feel Siraj is a very successful program because it focuses on teaching Arabic and it delivers information in a simple and engaging way for children in short episodes, which means it is always interesting for young minds.

Ghina Khader Parent, Qatar Academy Doha

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Co-written by experts on Qatari heritage with support from Arabic language specialists and teachers, the episodes follow Noura and her brother Rashid through a series of adventures set in lands inspired by Qatari landmarks.

In Numbers

Ever since it launched, Siraj and its audience have grown quite a bit.

Achieved by all episodes so far
28 million+
On its YouTube channel
Time spent watching Siraj episodes
2.8 million+



Siraj is now in its third season. The first episode of the new season can be viewed on the Siraj YouTube channel on 25 March 2020, with new episodes launching every Wednesday.


Season 1

Each episode in the first season revolves around one letter of the Arabic alphabet. The aim is to help children learn how to write, read, and pronounce basic arabic words properly. The season covers the first 15 alphabetical letters.

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Season 2

The second season is a continuation of the first, tackling the remaining letters of the alphabet, and near its end the lantern [Siraj] lights up after being completed with all the letters. It is now alive and able to talk to Rashid and Noura.

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Season 3

Unlike the previous two seasons, episodes of the third season do not revolve around the Arabic alphabets. Rather, each of them deals with questions normally asked with kids, like: “Where does the sun go in the evening?” and “Why does the rainbow appear in the sk?”, and from there takes them on an adventure exploring the beautiful Arabic language.

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