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Precision Medicine

Qatar has a pretty unique opportunity to be at the forefront of precision medicine with its relatively homogeneous gene pool and common in-group health ailments. At Qatar Foundation, we’re leading the charge to develop a program with real benefits for the local population.



Precision medicine holds a lot of promise to revolutionize the management of healthcare. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to medicine, it can help us cater to the needs of each patient based on their unique genetic fingerprint and lifestyle indicators.

At Qatar Foundation, we’re leading the development of precision medicine for the nation. These are some of the few milestones we’re hoping to reach in the coming months and years:

  • Reaching 100,000 unique genetic maps from the local population
  • Genetic mapping of specific disease cohorts: COVID-19, autism, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease
  • Establishing diagnostic protocols to identify patients in disease areas
  • Completing pharmacogenetic treatment protocols in selected disease areas
  • Optimizing the commercial potential of the Qatar Precision Medicine Institute

Qatar Foundation is uniquely positioned to lead the national discourse on precision medicine. The technology, the science, the leadership, and vision are all in place. Qatar, due to its size, has tremendous potential to build an exciting economy around precision medicine which will make us one of a kind in the region, and among the top producers of biomedical discoveries around the world.

Dr. Khalid FakhroDirector, Sidra Medicine’s Precision Medicine Program

Our Work


We’ve been early adopters of precision medicine in the region. The work we’re doing here in Qatar can be utilized across the Arab region and around the world.


Sequencing 100,000 Qatari genomes

We’ve already sequenced 20,000 Qatari genomes and are on track for 100,000 by 2025.


Q-Chip: Qatar’s first gene chip

In 2018, QGP, Qatar Biobank, and WCM-Q launched Q-Chip, the country’s first gene chip that can store hundreds of thousands of gene variants in a small device much smaller than a postage stamp. In the past, we had to send rare or abnormal gene samples out of the country for diagnosis; now, we just need to store them on the Q-Chip for examination.


Our ecosystem is made for this

By having a full spectrum of research, medical, computational, and social scientific entities working together, we’re able to streamline our approach to precision medicine and work with key external parties such as hospitals and public health authorities.


Promoting research with impact

In 2015, we launched an annual grant called the Pathway Towards Precision Medicine (PPM) to encourage local researchers working on genomics. This grant has supported experts and researchers in genomics and genetics working at research facilities inside Qatar, as well as integrated healthcare programs, all of which represent fundamental components designed to pave the path toward precision medicine.

Our Entities


These are the entities executing our precision medicine initiatives.

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