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Universities and Higher Education Programs

Discover the unique benefits that await students who enroll with us, and get a complete overview of the higher education programs offered at Qatar Foundation.



We offer a global education in a Middle Eastern setting and we’re committed, at all levels, to bringing unique learning opportunities to as many minds as possible.


Apply once, study everywhere

After gaining admission into our universities, you have the unique opportunity to cross-register for classes at other partner universities in Education City.

Students also have the chance to pursue joint minors and certificates with different branch campuses.

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Funding opportunities, interest-free

We offer a range of scholarships and need-based financial aid options for students. Our admissions are need-blind and we remain committed to attracting the best students from around the world, regardless of their financial needs. Our loans are interest-free and include an option for repayment through working at one of hundreds of approved organizations in Qatar.

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Learn beyond borders

Education at QF is never limited to the classroom. Students have the opportunity to supplement their studies with hands-on experiences in Qatar and overseas.

Whether they study abroad, undertake residencies at the world’s top organizations, or pursue their research interests, our students gain the experiences required to best prepare them for their future careers.

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International degree, regional culture

After studying at our branch campuses in Qatar, students obtain the same degree as that from the university’s home campus.

The curricula taught in Doha are identical, and carry the same academic rigor, reputation, and tradition. The leadership and faculty of branch campuses are also made up of members that hail from their respective parent universities.

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One of the best parts of being with QF is that they always urged us to be experimental. They wanted us to do things that we might not be able to do on our Washington campus.

Brendan HillSenior Associate Dean for Students at Georgetown University in Qatar

At a Glance


Our sprawling campus is not only home to nine universities, but also houses one of the most diverse student bodies, and graduates hundreds of students every year.

In Numbers

We’re proud of the diverse and international community we’ve grown and continue to foster here.

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Qatar has a unique advantage: you earn a degree from the US, but you are close to home and part of a diverse environment.

Khansa MariaStudent at Georgetown University in Qatar



Qatar Foundation's higher education ecosystem includes eight leading universities from around the world and one homegrown university.

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There is always something to do when you’re studying at Qatar Foundation.