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Education City in Qatar

What started with a single school has transformed into ‘Education City,’ a 12 square kilometer campus housing multiple educational and research institutes.

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Education City, our flagship initiative, is a pretty unique place. During just one short walk—or tram ride—around campus, you could be visiting an Ivy League university, cross the street to browse one of the region’s largest libraries, and then attend an open-mic at the neighboring university behind it.

That’s just how life is when you’re part of the close-knit community at Education City. It’s a place with branch campuses of some of the world’s leading educational institutes, a homegrown research university, start-up incubators, technology parks, heritage sites, cultural institutions, and so much more.

Take a virtual tour


We’re always delighted to share our story, vision, and achievements with people in Qatar and from all over the world. Click below and take a virtual tour through Education City.

Universities and Schools


For K-12 students, we provide various programs ranging from IB-accredited school systems to specialized schools. Our higher education offerings—ranging from undergraduate to postdoctoral degrees—include programs in media, international affairs, business, computer science, medicine, engineering, cultural heritage, knowledge management, and arts.



Designed by some of the world’s leading architects, our spaces are purpose-built for our people and our environments.

Sustaining active lifestyles

Our sports and recreation facilities serve as catalysts for active lifestyle, capitalizing on Qatar’s passion for sports. These sporting facilities will soon be joined by a sports arena that will host the FIFA World Cup 2022, and later function as a health and wellness center for the Education City community.

Learning from our heritage

Education City is home to various centers that are preserving Qatar and the Arab world’s heritage, while promoting lifelong learning and creativity among both the Education City community and the general public.

Growing in inspirational surroundings

The iconic designs of our buildings are a physical manifestation of creativity and innovation, and serve as an inspirational space for our community. The buildings in Education City have been designed by internationally renowned architects like Arata Isozaki, Rem Koolhaas, Antoine Predock and architectural firms Legorreta + Legorreta and Mangera Yvars Architects.