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Build your career at the Foundation. Shape the future.

Working at Qatar Foundation means working in a place where your work and impact are never limited to just your desk.



When you join Qatar Foundation, you’re joining fellow catalysts of change that are building the foundations for lifelong learning and discovery, and making an impact in Qatar and around the world.

Our Culture

At Qatar Foundation, we promote a working culture that enables employees to be more accountable, transparent, collaborative, and innovative in their everyday working lives.

Working toward shared objectives is key to our continued success. In order to achieve our organizational goals, we want to engage and unify all employees, ensuring every member of our community is empowered to approach their work in new ways.

That’s why we offer a lot of great facilities and activities, such as staff retreats, cultural integration through the QF+ Cafe, and spaces like the THINK Room designed to facilitate brainstorming.

Our unique ecosystem inspires a shared sense of purpose, and offers exciting and new challenges to help build a future for ourselves, our community, the nation, and the world.

When I started my new role as CEO, I came to understand that the greatest asset that our organization has is our people. Since then, everything we have done has been designed to put people at the center, because empowering people is what we stand for.

Her Excellency Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al ThaniVice Chairperson and CEO of Qatar Foundation

Why Join the QF Family?


We realize the importance of cultivating teams of people that feel fulfilled at work and outside of it. That’s why we offer a range of benefits to ensure every team member is able to live a balanced lifestyle while helping take our organization forward.

  • Diverse careers with a diverse community

    Our workforce of more than 100 nationalities is not only diverse, but part of the wider Education City community where the fusion of East and West fosters new ideas every day. With over 50 entities to explore, you’ve got a ton of options for working in the areas and specializations that interest you most.
  • Competitive packages

    We offer highly competitive employment packages that make us one of the top employers, not only within Qatar but throughout the region.
  • World-class working environment

    Designed by some of the world’s leading architects, our buildings feature high-quality, eco-conscious, and state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Training and development

    We prioritize the growth and development of our staff through programs such as our competency-based leadership program, ‘e-learning’ online portal, and workshops with industry experts.

Qatar Foundation, by the Numbers

We’re proud of the diverse and international community we’ve grown and continue to foster here.

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Available Jobs


Any new openings at Qatar Foundation will be posted below. Check back regularly for opportunities in your areas of interest.



We know applying for a job, especially when it’s in another country, can be a long and confusing journey. To help make this process as smooth as possible, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that people often have about Qatar, the application process, and more.

If you can’t find an answer here, get in touch with us directly at and we’d be more than happy to help.

The Application

Questions about the application process

  • Q:How do I apply to join Qatar Foundation?

    Available job opportunities are posted on our careers page. You can review the details of each role in the job description and apply directly for any suitable opportunity.

  • Q:Do I need to create an account to apply?

    Yes, you will need to create a profile and attach your CV to apply for job opportunities.

  • Q:Can I still apply even if I can’t find any suitable job opportunity?

    Yes, you can create a profile that will be stored in our CV database. We search the CV database to match specific qualifications and experience against open positions once these become available.

  • Q:What’s the next step after applying on the QF website?

    After applying for a job, you will receive an application confirmation. We will review your application and, if suitable, it will be submitted for further assessment. Due to the volume of applications received, only shortlisted candidates are notified.

About Qatar

Questions about life in Qatar

  • Q:What is the public transportation system in Qatar like?

    Mowasalat is the transport company, and they run buses throughout most of Doha. However, they are often crowded and not as frequent as they may be in your home country. It can also be uncomfortable waiting in the sun during the summer months. Most QF staff prefer other methods of transportation. You can find more information on routes, fares, and schedules on their website:

    The Doha Metro is currently under construction. The metro system will be built in two phases: the first will see the construction of three out of the four lines (Red, Gold, and Green) and 37 stations. These lines are expected to be open to the public by 2020. The future phases involve the introduction of an additional line (Blue) and the expansion of the existing ones, with more than 60 additional stations and the first expansion will be completed by 2026.

  • Q:Are there any recreational activities in Doha?

    There are many recreational facilities and health fitness centers in Doha. Many hotels have health and wellness classes open to the public such as aerobics, fitness classes, gyms, spa treatments, yoga, and Pilates. There are also many sports and sporting associations such as bowling, baseball, basketball, cycling, fencing, hockey, golf, and equestrian sports. Comedy, dancing, drama, and music are also some of the things that you can get involved with while in Doha. Major events are happening around the year in some of the major cultural hubs of the country in places like Katara, The Pearl, and the West Bay.

    Learn more about Life in Qatar.

  • Q:What is the weather like in Qatar?

    The weather is generally pleasant in winter, and hot and humid during the summer. Winter daytime temperatures average 20-35 degrees Celsius (68-95 degrees Fahrenheit), although nights can be relatively cool. You will need to wear a sweater or a light coat during the winter. In summer, the temperature gets as high as 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit).

  • Q:What is the dress code in Qatar?

    Qatar is an Islamic country and visitors and expats are expected to be respectful of the traditions of the state. Qataris generally wear the national dress of abayas and thobes. In accordance with local culture and customs, residents are requested to wear modest clothing that covers your shoulder and knees.

  • Q:Can I use my existing driving license in Qatar?

    If arriving in Qatar on a visitor’s visa, it is possible to use a national license from any country to drive a car for seven days, provided it is a rental vehicle. A driver who holds an International Driving Permit (IDP) may drive a rental vehicle for up to six months—or until the visa status changes from visitor to resident. The license from the home country must be available for inspection.

  • Q:What are Qatar’s national holidays?

    National holidays include National Sport Day (the second Tuesday in February) and Qatar National Day (18 December). We also provide working holidays during the two Eids. The exact dates of the Eids vary depending on the year, but are normally both 4-5 working days in length.

Logistics: Before and After Arrival to Qatar

Questions about the logistics of getting a job in Qatar

  • Q:When will I be informed about my recruitment progress?

    When you are sent your offer letter, you will receive several details in the email. Once you send all required information, we will begin processing the papers necessary for government approval and notify you once this is completed. Please read the email carefully as you will need the information to proceed with other formalities, such as obtaining a Police Clearance and attesting your official documents.

  • Q:When should I expect to arrive in Doha?

    We will confirm your start date and arrange for your flights (if coming from overseas) after receiving your visa and any other necessary government approvals. The duration of this process cannot be confirmed as it is dependent on government actions.

  • Q:Why do I need a Police Clearance or a Good Conduct Certificate from my country?

    The Police Clearance, sometimes referred to as a Good Conduct Certificate or a Criminal Record Check for Overseas Employment, is a requirement of the State of Qatar from anyone intending to work in the country. You will need this document in order to process your Residence Permit. It must also be attested by the nearest Qatar Embassy. Every Embassy has different requirements; therefore, we advise you to contact them directly to confirm any other necessary stamps. If you do not have a Qatar Embassy in your country, you should contact the nearest Qatar Embassy (in a neighboring country).

  • Q:How do I get a Police Clearance/Good Conduct Certificate?

    Getting a Police Clearance or a Good Conduct Certificate is the responsibility of the new hire. We recommend you inquire for further details with your National Police Department. As per the State of Qatar requirements, a new hire must provide a Police Clearance from the same country that he/she is holding a passport from, and intends to enter Qatar using that same passport, even if they are residing outside of that country. The clearance must be original, stamped by the issuing agency, and attested by the nearest Qatar Embassy as well. Please contact the embassy directly to confirm the issuing government authentications they require to do so.

  • Q:What are the Residence Permit procedures in Qatar?

    All foreign citizens residing in Qatar require a Residence Permit. The process consists of:

    • A physical check-up test at the Medical Commission (blood test and chest x-ray); not required for children under 11
    • Fingerprinting process at the Criminal Evidence and Investigation Department (CEID)
  • Q:Overseas Recruits: What happens after I complete the Medical Commission and CEID procedures?

    QF will apply for your Residence Permit. It takes anywhere between 2-6 weeks to get your Residence Permit. You should plan to stay in the country during this entire time, otherwise you will have to start the process of the medical and fingerprinting all over again. Once your Residence Permit is issued, you will receive your Qatar Residency Permit.

  • Q:What can I apply for once I obtain a Residence Permit?
    • You can transfer your family’s sponsorship to yours
    • Apply for a permanent driver’s license (you can hold a temporary license without a Residence Permit)
    • Apply for a landline and broadband internet (if you wish)
    • Apply to sponsor a nanny/maid (if you wish)
  • Q:When can my family get their Residence Permit?

    Once you get your Residence Permit processed, it is imperative that you transfer their sponsorship to yours. It often takes an additional 2-3 weeks, and QF will assist you with this. If your family did not travel with you to Qatar, QF will arrange for their visas and coordinate on the travel arrangements. They must then go through the same medical and fingerprinting process before their Qatar Residence Permit will be issued.

  • Q:Can my spouse or dependent work in Qatar? Does he/she need work authorization?

    A female spouse can work under her spouse’s or father’s sponsorship without transferring it to the company that might employ her. However, a male spouse or dependent would be required to transfer his sponsorship to his new employer. Once your spouse obtains a Residence Permit, they can apply for a job in Qatar. Your spouse may be required to obtain both a Medical and a CEID Report prior to start working; to apply for CEID, they will need to present attested degree certificate and attested police clearance.

  • Q:If I get married after joining QF, what are the procedures in bringing my spouse to Qatar?

    You can apply to bring your family to Doha under your sponsorship. QF will process the visa for your family after receiving all the necessary documents.