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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

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Art Contest: 'The Untold Stories of Resilience'

To capture the world’s artistic responses to COVID-19, Qatar Foundation and Qatar Museums are organizing a digital art contest and online exhibition in the framework of the Paris Peace Forum. It’s titled ‘The Untold Stories of Resilience’ and will highlight human resilience in times of crisis.



Paris Peace Forum is an annual summit that brings together members of civil society from around the world to identify global governance solutions to the world’s challenges. As a strategic partner of the Forum, we will be participating in various panel discussions and side events this year.

One of our key involvements this year is hosting a digital art contest at the Paris Peace Forum, with support from Qatar Museums, that encourages young artists from around the world to express stories from their life about resilience against the COVID-19 crisis.

Selected artworks from the contest will become part of an online exhibition titled ‘The Untold Stories of Resilience.’



In the time of crises, in this moment when millions of people face anxieties, uncertainty, and devastation, we, humans, showed for one more time our ability to cope with change and be resilient.

This year, when our planet was hit by COVID-19, our life changed. We suddenly had to deal with self-isolation where time has slowed down and space has been extremely minimized. But rather than just accepting it, we showed resilience and adapted to the adversity.

‘The Untold Stories of Resilience’ exhibition focuses on the human ability of positive adaptation during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how this stressful time brought us all together to overcome it.

This is an invitation for all artists and creatives to share their artistic interpretation of this human resilience. It’s an opportunity for you to participate in recording the history we’re all living through and documenting our collective strength through art.

Eligibility and Process


All artists over the age of 16 from around the world are encouraged to submit their work to be considered for the exhibition. Galleries or agents representing artists are also accepted. Artists working in all mediums and forms of expression are welcome to apply.

We encourage all thoughtful interpretations of the theme. Priority will be given to those works that investigate issues and topics relevant to our community, are intellectually accessible, and provide opportunities for reflection to our audience.

Only artwork that utilizes digital technology in its process will be accepted for the content. Examples include digital painting, digital drawing, digital photography, pixel art, digital collage, videography, animation, VR, renders of functional art/product design, and any kind of 2D or 3D visual media or 2D or 3D digital imagery.

Scans or photographs of original artworks are not accepted.

Selection Process
  • Submission

    Artists submit their work online, which will be made available on the exhibition’s website for public view
  • Shortlisting

    Jury will review the online submissions and announce the shortlisted artworks
  • Winner announcement

    Art contest winners will be announced online during Paris Peace Forum 2020


Shortlisted artworks will have the opportunity to be featured on our social media channels. Additionally, the final three winners will receive an event ticket and accommodation to attend a TED event in Doha taking place in 2022.

Below are the key dates for the timeline of the contest and online submission:

  • 7 September 2020: Submission starts
  • 15 October 2020: Submission closes
  • 1 November 2020: Shortlisted artworks announced
  • 13 November 2020: Winners announced at Paris Peace Forum

Submit Your Work


The call for submission will start on 7 September 2020 and will be open till 15 October 2020. Submit your work by filling in the online form below.

Thank you for your submission!