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The QF-backed startup making education more accessible - and enjoyable

Muallemi is innovative, affordable – and helps provide children with a quality education

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Based in Qatar Foundation's (QF) Education City, Muallemi is a digital platform that offers interactive one-on-one private tutoring in Math, Science and English, launched by an educational startup incubated, supported, and guided by QF’s Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP).

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Muallemi was founded by QF alumnus Abdulrahman Al-Thani and Abdullah Nazeer, an undergraduate student at QF, who believe in equal opportunities for education, and have a vision of making education more accessible, more affordable, and more enjoyable.

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The digital platform has been successfully implemented in a QF school during school hours, where students can have personalized learning with their own personal live teacher. Teachers believe it is a great tool for increasing student engagement.

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Muallemi’s approach is also based on students’ rating of tutor-delivered lessons, tutor evaluation of student development, and its team’s review of 20 tutoring and learning standards.

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The platform encourages students to make mistakes and explore and rewards them for their effort. It is based on the idea that having a positive mindset is key. Founders believe that Students need to know that being good at math isn’t just an innate ability; it is the result of continuous effort which will gradually translate to progress, as Abdulrahman Al-Thani, co-founder at Muallemi believes.

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Students using the Muallemi platform achieve above-average academic performance due to the 1-to-1 attention they receive. Muallemi works closely with teachers in the classroom, as they believe that working closely with schoolteachers is vital to the success of the program.

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According to the new ed-tech startup’s founders, Muallemi tutors are selected according to certain criteria, including that they must have experience of delivering over 1,000 one-to-one sessions in a specific subject.

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Muallemi platforms have so far provided more than 2,000 hours of teaching with over 150 students. 93 percent of sessions were rated as ‘5/5’ by Muallemi students, with an average 12 percent improvement in their academic scores over a two-month period.

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Muallemi has already partnered with other schools for additional pilot programs. The startup is currently partnered with Tariq bin Ziad to provide teaching during school hours, and with Qatar Academy Sidra as an afterschool program. The startup is also in talks with the MOEHE to pilot in government schools.

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Muallemi, which is incubated in Qatar Science & Technology Park, has been valued at 13 million QAR in its seed round, where it raised 1.3 QAR million in private investment, reflecting QSTP’s role in advancing Qatar’s technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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Local technology-based startups, like Muallemi, are offered a rapid and affordable incorporation in the QSTP Free Zone, collaborative co-working space, mentorship, training, workshops, and networking events, as well as access to funding programs and prototyping facilities.

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The QF-backed startup making education more accessible - and enjoyable

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