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QF Students Express Themselves Through Art – For Palestine

In their artworks, the students have depicted a blend of harsh realities and hope, embodying resilience, bravery, and the struggle in Palestine.

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QF students channeled their artistic talents into a show of solidarity for Palestine. They curated an inspiring collection of over 100 artworks, each an expression of support and empathy for, and cultural connection with, Palestine.

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The exhibition showcases a variety of artworks capturing Palestinian culture. It includes images of the Palestinian flag, the Dome of the Rock, traditional Palestinian embroidery, and scenes telling the story of Palestine and its struggles.

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In the gallery, students from QF school Awsaj Academy showcased artworks supporting Palestine. One of them, Fatima Abdullah, said: "I want people to see what's happening and to remember that everyone deserves to have a safe place to live. "

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Hamad Al Marri, a student at QF’s Qatar Leadership Academy (QLA), is standing beside a piece of art that reflects the tanks and daily explosions Palestinians encounter in their struggle to defend their territory and their quest for liberty.

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Saleh Khaled’s painting depicted the reality of Palestine and the spirit of steadfastness among its people. The rose, with thorns and petals, symbolizes strength in adversity, while the varied colors express hope and courage.

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The artwork created by QLA students depicts a profound contradiction. Half of the painting depicts colors that suggest destruction, chaos, and conflict in war-ravaged Palestine. The other half reflects hope for a life of peace and security.

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Moza Mohammed, a student at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar), portrays a missile interrupting a mother playing with her child: "In just a moment, safety disappears, and all that remains is destruction."

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Another VCUarts Qatar student, Naima Al-Majdouba, who is Palestinian, expressed her struggle and support by submitting a series of artworks, which included paintings depicting different styles of traditional Palestinian embroidery.

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QF Students Express Themselves Through Art – For Palestine

For Palestine - QF - Tap story - Teaser
For Palestine - QF - Tap story - Teaser