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Al-Saa'im Al-Sagheer

Ramadan is here! It’s a time to fast and a time to reflect. It’s a time to turn up the goodness and prioritize family and faith. Most importantly, it’s a unique opportunity to improve ourselves by adopting good habits and doing good deeds.



This year, we’re going digital. Education City Mosque has partnered up with Ilyas & Duck™ to make it a fun, engaging, and rewarding experience for the whole family!

Ilyas and Duck Ramadan Roundup Live Mini-Series


Ilyas and Duck will be live on YouTube and Facebook every day during the month of Ramadan. Their special mini-series will help guide children through their journeys of self-awareness and self-improvement. You and your children will be able to interact directly with these characters on the live show through the comments.

To watch, join us any day during Ramadan after Asr prayer, from 4pm to 4:15pm, on Facebook. We look forward to seeing you!

How it Works

  • Watch the episode.

    Each episode will focus on a single good habit, deed, or behavior that children can try to work on. The topics aim to develop healthy habits in three areas: mind, body, and spirit.
  • Do the challenge.

    Each episode will end with a related challenge that your children can accomplish for that day. Document the good deed by either taking a photo or a video.
  • Post about it.

    Using the hashtags #QFRamadan #IlyasAndDuckLive #DeedsChallenge #ECMosque, post the video on social media to inspire others. These videos may be shared on QF and Education City Mosque accounts.
  • Complete the activity sheet.

    Print, cut, and paste the associated reward card to the Ramadan Roundup Chart, which you can download from the link below.

Download the materials here. You can find the instructions on the first page. Have fun!
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