Glossary of English-Arabic Biological Terms

QScience.com has published a comprehensive glossary titled, ‘English-Arabic Biological Terms: A Glossary for Academic Success’; designed to facilitate the learning and application of scientific terms by Arabic-speaking students.

QScience.com Journals Now Indexed In DOAJ

Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals said that six of their key journals are now indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). This includes QScience Connect, the publisher’s interdisciplinary journal that covers research from all disciplines considered to be valid, ethical and correct.

QScience.com Journals Primed For World Stage

When QScience.com, the publishing platform of Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation (BQF), was first launched on 13 December 2010, it signified the realization of Qatar Foundation’s (QF’s) ongoing commitment to bring research from the region to the widest possible audience.