Qatar Computing Research Institute

Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) is focused on tackling large-scale computing challenges that address national priorities for growth and development. Visit our website

Carnegie Mellon Ignites Student Job Search Efforts

Thirteen companies attended Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar’s first annual career and networking fair, IGNITE. The event provided students with the opportunity to learn more about job opportunities that might suit their skill sets.

Meeting Qatar’s Grand Challenges

The ‘grand challenges’ facing any nation are often thought of as elusive or indefinable, left to endless debate rather than action. Yet within QF R&D, leading scientists and researchers are committed to achieving actionable solutions forth benefit of Qatar and the rest of the world.

Sourcing the Truth

When tragedy strikes around the world, whether through natural or man-made disasters, the insatiable global craving for real-time updates from thriving online communities has led to a point where viral hoaxes can easily spread and become published as truth.