QF Radio Plays Host To Interfaith Champions

QFT_90_perspective_QF_radio_7-web.jpgTHE INTERFAITH community is growing in Doha and QF Radio has been stressing the importance of increased dialogue between people of different religions by broadcasting a series of special programs during Ramadan.

Two men at the heart of Qatar’s interfaith society, Adeel Khan and Hamdi Blekic, took to the airwaves for the first time during the Holy Month, and their show, Children of Adam and Eve, has been very well received by listeners.

Researcher Khan, and Blekic, a public relations specialist and human-rights specialist, both work for the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue (DICID), from where they help to organize the Doha Interfaith Conference – now in its 10th year and one of the main events in the interfaith calendar. DICID also produces a journal in collaboration with Georgetown University – School of Foreign Service in Qatar.

Cambridge graduate Khan, from Kashmir, described working at QF Radio as an interesting and enlightening experience.

“It was an opportunity we couldn’t miss. For both of us, it’s our first time presenting a radio show and we had to plan a lot of things very quickly. There are three programs a week and plenty of deadlines.”
Khan went on to discuss the show in depth.

HE SAID: “One of the main questions we ask is: do we really need to be told to do good? Also, do we always need to be told to serve our community?

“The show is for people whose lives aren’t verified by religion, as well as people whose lives are dominated by the subject.

“With regard to the program’s title, we are all the children of Adam and Eve. Everyone is part of the same family – and that’s the message we’re trying to get across.”

Slovenian Blekic said: “I think it’s a big responsibility presenting the show, because conveying the message of interfaith dialogue is very important.

“It’s about looking for common ground. Although I am a foreigner here, I feel each one of us should feel part of Qatar, whatever your nationality or religious background.”

Blekic went on to say he feels a real affiliation with Qatar Foundation (QF).

“The first time I came here I felt part of the family. QF has welcomed us with open arms and helped us greatly.

“I really hope listeners will like the program. Already we’ve had great feedback on Twitter and Facebook, so perhaps we can continue with a regular show in future.”

Blekic spoke about the first time he heard his radio voice.

He said: “It was strange. The first time I listened to the show I was a little bit embarrassed.”

Children of Adam and Eve is broadcast three times a week on QF Radio 91.7FM throughout Ramadan. You can listen to the show at 8am on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.