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March 17, 2016

World’s Top Machine Learning and Data Analytics Experts Come to Qatar

Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) and Boeing completed the third annual ‘Machine Learning and Data Analytics Symposium’ (MLDAS) in Qatar on 14 and 15 March. Open to students, researchers and industry professionals, the event featured top global experts discussing applications, recent advances and new solutions in the fields of machine learning and data analytics.
The first day of the symposium focused on ‘Applied Data Analytics’ and ‘Machine Learning’. There were several talks on ‘Intelligent Data Analytics’ led by Chris Jermaine from Rice University and Cheng Soon Ong from Data 61/National ICT Australia (NICTA).
The second day of the symposium included how machine learning could be applied to aircraft maintenance and airspace procedures. Hugh Durrant-Whyte from the University of Sydney, a pioneer of autonomous flight and former director of NICTA, gave a talk on ‘Data, Knowledge and Discovery: Machine Learning Meets Natural Science’. Byron Wallace from the University of Texas in Austin also spoke about ‘Machine Learning For Automating Clinical Evidence’.

The symposium also touched upon health care and included discussions on ‘Applied Machine Learning For Systems Health Management’, to address some of today’s research challenges and discuss the open questions posed by real-world applications.
Topics such as ‘Human-System Interactive Learning’, ‘Machine Learning For Streaming Data’, and ‘Integrating Learning With Other Artificial Intelligence Techniques Such As Knowledge Representation And Reasoning’ also dominated talks and technical discussions.

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