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February 26, 2019

Visitors Flock to Education City For ‘The Beacon of Knowledge and Light’ Festival


Visitors Flock to Education City For ‘The Beacon of Knowledge and Light’ Festival

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The event, which took place at the Minaretein building, ran from January 25-26. Offering a wide range of interactive activities, the festival served as an opportunity to bring together the whole community of Qatar to learn about Islam and Islamic history.

Faustin Berthelot, a first-time visitor, said, “I heard about the event through a friend. My family came with me. My eldest really enjoyed the horse-riding simulator and the outdoor activities. I’m really enjoying the festival myself, as it enables visitors to learn about Islam and its values in an informative and engaging manner.”

Ali Turkovic, another visitor, said: “It’s a wonderful event that’s great for children and adults alike. There are so many things to see and enjoy. My daughter really enjoyed the ‘Going to Mars’ activity at the planetarium. The outdoor activities are great, too.”

Abdul Rehmaan Qayyum, a student at Georgetown University in Qatar – a QF partner university – learned that the event was happening when he arrived at Minaretein for Friday prayer. “I really liked the event – I went around all the floors and explored the different booths and activities on offer. And it is also great for families.”

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Kim Wyatt, who managed a booth at the event, said, “We’re here to show visitors that we can offer sustainable solutions to the whole community, and to really encourage people to become more environmentally aware.

“What I really love about this event is that it’s all about bringing people together from different communities, which I think is really important. There are great activities for the children, and people can come and socialize – with friends or with family members. It also has a great meaning behind it, to enable people to learn more about Islam.”