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October 12, 2015

Sidra Joins Global Tracheostomy Collaborative

Sidra Medical and Research Center has joined the Global Tracheostomy Collaborative (GTC). There are currently 40 hospitals worldwide as part of the collaborative; Sidra is the first hospital in the Middle East to sign up as a member.

The GTC is a non-profit organization where multi-disciplinary teams of healthcare professionals from around the world, collaborate and share knowledge to improve the quality of care for patients with a tracheostomy – an incision in the windpipe made to relieve obstructions to breathing. Sidra’s membership is being led by Dr Patrick Sheehan, Division Chief for Otolaryngology in the Department of Surgery.

As a member of the GTC, Sidra’s tracheostomy care team will have access to learning resources, case studies and a global database with information from member hospitals about the care of children who have tracheostomies. All data sharing is anonymized and patient confidentiality is not compromised.

“Tracheostomy care is not always perfect in hospitals and adverse events can happen – often due to human error. Simple interventions can make a big difference. The GTC was set up so that hospitals can work together to deliver and benchmark themselves to provide the best possible care.

“For example, if one hospital has a lower fatality rate and better success with managing the care of tracheostomy patients, other members can see what they are doing to incorporate this best practice into their hospital,” said Dr Patrick Sheehan.
Dr Sheehan and the Sidra tracheostomy care team are planning to host a ‘Pediatric Tracheotomy Care’ training workshop in February 2016 which will be accredited by Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar.

This will be an inter-disciplinary team workshop with talks from Sidra speakers on multi-disciplinary tracheostomy care and simulation workshops for surgeons, nurses and allied health personnel. More details on this will follow later in the year.

To read the full article on Sidra’s website, please click here