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June 8, 2013

Renowned Quran Reciter Lauds Qatar Foundation’s Effort To Promote Education

Sheikh Fahd Al Kandari, a prominent Quran reciter, commended Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development for the significant role and remarkable effort it has made to promote scientific research and learning across the Middle East region.

During a visit to Qatar Foundation on 5 June, Sheikh Al Kandari called upon Arab nations to draw inspiration from the exemplary standards set forth by the organisation. He praised its steadfast commitment to educating youth and providing them with the highest standards of learning.

He said, “I urge all those who are involved in the fields of education and science in the Gulf region to visit Qatar Foundation and learn from its admirable mission to achieve scientific prosperity. I also call upon them to gain inspiration from the organisation’s rich experiences and to adopt the clear focus it shows to developing human potential and capacity, because that is a real investment.”

Rashid Al Qurese, Qatar Foundation’s Deputy Director of Communication, introduced Sheikh Al Kandari to the Foundation’s many educational initiatives, community development plans and scientific research programmes.

The Islamic reciter was also briefed on Qatar Foundation’s mission, as well as its many sustainability initiatives and climate action solutions. After the presentation, he was shown an impressive 3D scale model of the current buildings and construction projects that are underway at Qatar Foundation.

Sheikh Al Kandari added, “I would like to thank Qatar Foundation for providing me with the opportunity to visit its outstanding and beautiful premises and, God willing, the organisation shall bring prosperity to the Gulf region. We are all very proud of this leading and unique institution, which will reap substantial benefits in the areas of science, education, sports, community development, among others.”

Through his beautiful recitations, Sheikh Al Kandari has succeeded at delivering the peaceful message of the Islamic faith to a large segment of youth across the Arab and Islamic world. He is gifted with a distinct style of recitation that is characterised by the clarity and strength of his voice.

As the visit drew to a close, Sheikh Al Kandari signed the visitor’s book and was presented with a commemorative gift from Qatar Foundation.