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March 19, 2017

QGBC Announces ‘No Paper Day Qatar’ 2017

Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) has announced its fifth annual ‘No Paper Day Qatar’ campaign, which will take place across the country during the week starting April 2. The initiative is part of QGBC’s ongoing efforts to engage the wider community in environmentally-friendly practices and raise awareness of the importance of sustainability.
‘No Paper Day Qatar’ was established by QGBC to help Qatar’s companies, institutions and schools find ways to reduce paper consumption and contribute to a sustainable future. The initiative aims to encourage local communities to adopt eco-friendly initiatives geared at reducing recyclable waste nationwide. It also serves as a celebration of Qatar’s efforts to successfully reduce its waste output.

This year, companies and individuals are encouraged to start saving and collecting recyclable waste limited to newspapers and magazines, office paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, plastic cups and jugs and aluminium and steel cans.

As part of reducing waste, and in a drive to help those living in less privileged communities, QGBC invites companies and individuals to collect old clothes and toys, which are in good condition, for donation to Qatar Charity.

Participating companies are asked to drop their collected recyclable waste to the QGBC Villa from April 2 - 4. Participants will then be invited to attend the campaign’s closing celebration at QGBC on April 6.

Eng. Meshal Al Shamari, Director, QGBC, said: “The ‘No Paper Day Qatar’ campaign reminds residents and businesses to be more environmentally aware, and look at ways to reduce recyclable waste. We believe it will encourage people to play an active role in the country’s environmental and sustainability efforts. This year’s campaign is focused on helping people realize the tangible impact their actions can make on the environment.”

This year’s ‘No Paper Day Qatar’ campaign is organized in partnership with Qatar Charity, Global Metals, and Al-Suwaidi Paper Factory. Each of these companies will assist QGBC, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), with handling important aspects of the campaign.

Companies can register for the campaign through this link:

To learn more and register for ‘No Paper Day Qatar’ 2017, visit QGBC’s website:

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