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June 8, 2016

QF Radio Talks Ramadan

To celebrate Ramadan, QF Radio, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), will air an engaging range of shows exploring religious, cultural and health topics.
Designed to inform and entertain the public during the holy month, QF Radio’s Ramadan schedule will include something for everyone, aiming to engage a wide audience including Muslims, non-Muslims and children.

As part of its morning programming, QF Radio will discuss religion and health, with shows including ‘Spiritual Hour’, ‘Ramadan 101’ and ‘Children of Adam and Eve’. Additionally, shows such as ‘Your Health First’ will explore the importance of nutrition, health and physical activity during this year’s celebration.

Afternoon programmes will feature further religious discussion facilitated by ‘Live QFIS Lectures’ as well as the exploration of prominent health topics such as ‘Diabetic Tips’, addressing especially relevant issues during fasting.

QF Radio will usher in the evening with an hour of beautiful music, selected and presented by members of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO). There will also be a weekly roundup of events and happenings throughout the holy month of Ramadan to keep listeners up to date on other exciting events, including QF’s Ramadan Festival and Oxygen Park activities.

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