January 27, 2016

QF Radio and Qatar Charity Sign Agreement to Promote the Importance of Humanitarian Aid

QF Radio recently signed an agreement with Qatar Charity to positively influence support for humanitarian aid through its broadcasting services.
QF Radio Logo Arabic.jpgMohammed Ahmed Al-Bishri, Media Centre Manager, Qatar Foundation, signed the agreement on behalf of QF Radio, alongside Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari, CEO, Qatar Charity. The partnership, which aims to increase awareness regarding Qatar Charity’s humanitarian work, builds on previous successful cooperation between the two entities.

In keeping with the on-going and sustained efforts, QF Radio seeks to promote QF's fundamental pillars, including Community Development, which focuses on investing in people and their futures. By committing to mutual cooperation, both QF Radio and Qatar Charity aim to advance the culture of voluntary work, as well as support for humanitarian aid projects. This, in turn, aims to increase philanthropy in the country, reinforcing the importance of charitable giving.

Mohammed Al-Bishri, Media Centre Manager, Qatar Foundation, commented on the partnership, saying: “We are very proud to sign this agreement with Qatar Charity, a prestigious Qatari humanitarian organisation that pioneers distinguished aid relief and development efforts inside and outside of Qatar.”

“The agreement is vital in strengthening mutual endeavors to improve humanitarian aid through the combination of skill, expertise, and capabilities. The agreement will not only support vulnerable groups, but it will utilize the capacities of Qatari youth and involve them in voluntary work. This will then lead to the production and broadcasting of programs that promote the culture of humanitarian aid while also delivering information regarding support and participation.”

Yousef Bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari, CEO, Qatar Charity, also added: “Qatar Charity is pleased to sign this agreement; we consider QF Radio to be a key partner in Qatar Charity’s work. I am delighted we are able to build on previous successful collaborations including ‘Anfaahom Li al-Nas’, which was broadcast last Ramadan, and ‘Tafreej Kurbah’.”

Al-Kuwari thanked QF Radio for its work with Qatar Charity, explaining that the agreement is an important step towards forming cooperative ties with various audio and visual media outlets, as well as private production companies to increase financial support and participation.