August 20, 2015

Qatar National Library Officially Announced as the Regional Arabic Speaking Preservation and Conservation Centre

The International Federation of Library Association and Institutions (IFLA) has officially selected Qatar National Library (QNL) as the Regional Arabic Speaking Preservation and Conservation Centre (PAC).
The announcement came during this month’s 81st IFLA General Conference and Assembly, held in Cape Town, South Africa.

IFLA currently has a network of 13 Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Centres worldwide. The goal of the PAC Strategic Programme is to ensure that library and archive materials, published and unpublished, in all formats will be preserved in accessible form for as long as possible according to IFLA PAC principles.

As part of the appointment, QNL will represent the 25 countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) where Arabic is one of the official languages. Therefore, by serving as the PAC, Qatar National Library is supporting QF’s vision of protecting and, preserving the region’s heritage and culture, and making them accessible for future generations.
More discussions with the IFLA headquarters are set to take place for the PAC project activities. Currently, these mainly include workshops in Arabic and English on preventive and active conservation, production of web pages on the QNL portal in Arabic and English, and provision of free information (printed and digital format) in Arabic on preventive conservation, active conservation, digital preservation, and material providers.

The QNL/PAC center is considered one of the prominent laboratories in the region. It is fully equipped with some of the most modern devices for book paper conservation treatment, including light tables, suction table, cutter, hydraulic press, leaf casting machine, drying racks, and fume hood for solvent treatment. The lab will also include a specific area devoted to biological risks in libraries and special microscopes for material analyses and identification.

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